July 14th. 

a day trip to Genting for Khalil Fong’s concert. stopped by the temple before heading up the hill. there were some tourists from the Middle East taking videos while we, uhm, prayed… awkward, but nah, doesn’t bother me that much. anyways, back to what i want to say (my point of making this post too)…..

i absolutely love Khalil Fong. he is such an amazing musician, singer and a performer. redundant i know, but that’s just what i’m trying to emphasize. his band mates did an awesome job! this is why live music always win. Khalil himself was great with the guitars, i can’t recall how many times he’d switched his guitars around for different songs, and also those perfect adlibs. his vocals… ugh, haven’t heard and seen such great live performances for a while. spent the whole day out and i’m so tired, i should go get a shower now. 

signing off! 

it was cloudy/rainy the whole day though.. 

at one of the temples in Batuan. heehee, that’s me wearing a sarong. 

at Foh Guang Shan/佛光山 in Kaohsiung!