here’s a cookie for you.

and the clock ticks without realising how fast it’s moving. 3 days. 3 more days. my mind worries and my heart beats a little quicker than usual. i have been holding on to this for so. long. and i really don’t want any of my effort to go to waste. so many plans made and all these will come true once i get over the last hurdle. 

i. need. to. pass. 

p.s; if you’re reading this, please put me in your prayers. i will send you a virtual cookie as a token of appreciation :( 

caught myself staring at these windows that were at every nook and cranny of central Paris. 

25 years.

sometimes I’d imagine myself being the only child but many times I failed because it was so difficult to imagine my house with no noise. people who held a part of my life with them in their own lives, people I knew I could turn to regardless of time and place and people I would never give up on because just like a part of my life is in theirs, their lives are in mine. that’s how I realised I can never lead my life the same without my siblings (also people who would never stop annoying me for the rest of my life)

please excuse my cheese. 

breakfast on the last day at Trocadero. 

a childhood dream come true. kind of. but i had lots of fun, i haven’t been to a theme park for ages. 

view from the Basilica of Sacre Coeur.

I want to live everyday feeling grateful and contented for the things that have been given to me. family, friends, and all the kind things that they’ve done. they aren’t obliged to do it, no one is.. and I think that’s what makes me feel fuzzy.

sometimes you take someone for granted and expects them to not be offended or angry regardless of what you’ve said. keep in mind that the other person have feelings just like you too. put yourself in their shoes, you probably won’t like it either. don’t wrap yourself with your own feelings, you’ll hurt someone and yourself unintentionally.

while on my flight back from Norway. one of my best vacations yet.