2 summers ago, in Amsterdam. i think time is passing a little too fast. 

7 years.

still in daze and almost unable to comprehend but it’s a fact; i passed my final exams and i am graduating this year. 

these past few months have been so difficult. the struggle was so bad that there was never a day that i wouldn’t cry because i was terribly stressed out and depressed.

i… i… i passed… finally. i am graduating.

g r a d u a t i n g




in times of desperation, people do whatever, whenever.

I should not take things (and time) for granted, ever.

note to self: cherish, cherish, cherish.

can’t wait till I fly home again.

being irrationally self conscious makes me feel really bad about myself. on certain days, I just want to hide myself in my own world. this peer pressure sucks on a very whole new level. trying to overcome it is a lot harder than I thought but I’m really just not trying to let it eat me up. doing that alone…. is exhausting.

can I not care?

caught myself staring at these windows that were at every nook and cranny of central Paris. 

25 years.

sometimes I’d imagine myself being the only child but many times I failed because it was so difficult to imagine my house with no noise. people who held a part of my life with them in their own lives, people I knew I could turn to regardless of time and place and people I would never give up on because just like a part of my life is in theirs, their lives are in mine. that’s how I realised I can never lead my life the same without my siblings (also people who would never stop annoying me for the rest of my life)

please excuse my cheese. 

breakfast on the last day at Trocadero. 

a childhood dream come true. kind of. but i had lots of fun, i haven’t been to a theme park for ages.